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The best athletes in the world have coaches and you should too! You will learn more in one private golf lesson than you will scouring the internet guaranteed! 

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Hurry in and secure your spot for the winter of 2019-20.  We are booking right through till the spring RIGHT NOW so reserve your spot and sharpen that golf game for next spring. 

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Professional Indoor Golf Training Facility

Flight Scope Golf Lessons

Professional Fitting Systems

 The use of launch monitors for fitting offers better analysis providing better results.

We are now able to measure golf ball spin and launch and compare these to get closer to the optimal ball flight.

This technology also helps to determine the proper flex in the shaft of your golf club.

Buying a driver, irons or putter based on looks, shaft stiffness and a little luck rarely deliver the performance you seek. Buying golf clubs with the feedback of a launch monitor and professional golf club fitter takes out a lot of the guess work.

Come to our indoor golf training facitily just outside of London and get properly fit for your clubs and your golf swing. 

 Once you are properly fit it will feel like the best golf lesson ever!
Certified Golf Lessons

CPGA Certified Instruction

We specialize in helping golfers of all ages and ability levels.

If you are someone that has never touched a golf club or a player that has been playing their entire life we can help you out. 

Each golf lesson is tailored specifically to each individual in relation to their skill and comfort level.  We love teaching beginners golf lessons just as much as working on putting lessons for that more skilled golfer that is looking to shave a few strokes of their game.

Mike is a Class A Teaching Professional certified by the CPGA and will take your golf game to a new level. 

If you want to learn to play golf, get a few putting lessons, or fix that slice in your golf swing you need to get a golf lesson from a certified golf instructor.

Our clients call us the best golf instructors in London, sign up for a golf class today and let us show you why. 


Young Players

London Golf Academy introduces the next generation of golfers to the sport.

Each golf lesson is tailored to the individual to help the player reach their maximum potential.

We love working with beginner or young golfers to help them along their golf journey.  Golf is a life long sport and starting young with the proper golf knowledge only makes it that much more enjoyable.  

Sign up your junior golfer for golf school and it's one school they will be happy to attend! 

Skills that will be taught are:

  • Full Swing
  • Short game
  • Putting
  • Coordination, stability, balance
  • Strength and power
  • Purposeful practice
  • Rules and safety

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Looking For A Quick Fix?

Are you trying to learn golf for the first time?

Developed a hook that you just can't figure out, or a slice that is killing your distance? 

Want to shave 3-5 shots off your score by becoming an excellent putter?

No time to sign up for a golf class or a quick golf lesson?

You can still find your fix! 

Find your golf swing solution in our tips section.  

Click here to see all of London Golf Academy's Swing, Grip, and Putting Tips in our Tip Section

Find your swing fix fast and for free!

Our tips have been developed with years of golf experience and professional golf training.

Count on only the best golf instruction from London Golf Academy

Ask about our golf fitness tips!

More Tips

Short Game Play

Golf Lesson Of The Week

Beginner golfers always ask us "what's the quickest way to trim a lot of shots off my golf game?" Here at London Golf Academy, we believe that improving your short game is the fastest way to dramatically lower your golf scores and lower your golf frustrations!  How may times have you made the green in regulation only to have that nasty 3 putt?  Or you seem to be able to get up around the green in a couple of shots but just can't seem to chip the ball close enough to the hole to get out of there with a par.

Practicing your short game is vital to improving your overall golf game.  In this week's lesson, we will discuss two of the most import type of chip shots you can use around the greens to get that golf ball up and down and keep your scores from ballooning in the wrong direction! 

It all starts with the question should I use a flop shot or maybe a bump and run? Let's discuss what both are first and then discuss when to use one.

 For a few different reasons we always encourage our students to use the bump and run ahead of the flop shot when it makes sense to do so here at London Golf Academy.....Read more on our Golf Tips page
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Customers Say
  1. Mike is my Golf Coach for many reasons. He listens to whatever issues I’m having with my golf game then makes recommendations that I mentally understand to physically implement, without being overwhelming. I never feel intimidated during my golf sessions and always look forward to the next one. He makes it fun. He’s also very technologically savvy, so our lessons are supported with video for great visual feedback. Mike put together two customized programs for me while we were in Florida for the winter: one was a workout regime at the gym and the other were practice sessions at the range. His combination of golf and fitness accreditations have made me a better, fitter golfer. I now enjoy playing golf more and love my lower scores. Thanks Mike!
    Karen Anderson
    Best Golf Teacher In London
  2. Mike's Knowledge of the golf swing is second to none. Combine that with the most up to date technology for swing analysis and my game is improving all the time!
    Chris Stinson
    Golf Lessons London Ontario